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how you might get involved. Whilst ordinary elections take place every four
years there are still frequent opportunities to become a local councillor when
vacancies arise so I urge you to keep abreast of these windows of opportunity.

Engaging in learning, training and development will be essential in gaining
experience; reading this guide is the first step in this process. You should
also contact your county association of local councils to find out more about
what is available to you in terms of developing your skills and knowledge.
Being elected as a councillor does not mean you are expected to have all
the solutions for your community but through experience and expanding your
grasp of your role you will be better placed to deal with the range of issues
that arise.

The time ahead will be challenging, exciting and at times frustrating. As you
benefit from training, gain experience and build your confidence, you will
have the personal satisfaction of knowing you and your council have made
a difference. I hope you enjoy working with your community by serving your
local council.

I wish you every success and I am confident that this guide will help you to
develop your role as a good councillor.


Ken Browse                                                                      5
Chairman of the National Association of Local Councils

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