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      The first edition of this guide was researched and written in 2003 by
      Laurie Howes, Elisabeth Skinner and James Derounian of the Department
      of Natural and Social Sciences at the University of Gloucestershire.

      This fourth edition was written and edited in 2013 and funded by the
      Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

      The National Training Strategy (NTS) stakeholders, who oversee the ongoing
      implementation of the NTS, acted as an endorsing body in the preparation of the
      guide. This group consists of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC),
      Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC), the Department for the Environment,
      Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), DCLG, and the Local Government Association
      (LGA). Many people assisted in the writing of this guide and the National
      Training Strategy stakeholders are grateful for all contributions.

      This booklet is an introduction to being a local councillor. It is not intended to
      be a definitive legal guide. The guidance and information contained in this
      publication should not be relied on, or used, as a substitute for legal advice. The
      contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the individual NTS stakeholders.
      The information contained in the guide represents what is known at the time of
      printing. Readers are advised to check the progress of government policies and
      legislation regularly as a matter of good practice. Good councillors make sure
      that they keep up to date with changes affecting the work of the council.

      Electronic copies of the guide are also available from the following websites:
      NALC ( ) and SLCC ( )

      © 2013 Extracts from this publication may be made subject to the source
      being acknowledged.

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