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   This guide introduces the work of local councils and the part you play as
   a councillor in the tier of local government closest to the people. You will
   also find it a useful reference. It is divided into five parts to help you find
   your way as a new, or even as an experienced, councillor.

   Part One – Where are you heading?	  Page 10

   Part One introduces what you can do as a councillor and what your local
   council can achieve. It points you in the right direction so that you can serve
   your community.

   Part Two – Due care and attention	  Page 18

   Here we set out the rules of what you must, or must not do, as a council,
   councillor, employer and financial manager. If you and your council
   understand the law, then you can act with confidence.

   Part Three – Getting under way	     Page 30

   We examine what happens at council meetings. Decisions taken at meetings
   drive the actions of the council and the best meetings are productive,
   professional – and never too long!

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