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How do I contact my                               Could I be a parish or
local councillor?                                 town councillor?

To find out who your parish or town               As a councillor you can become a voice
councillors are contact your local authority.     for your community and affect real change.
They will provide you with contact details        Councillors are community leaders and
of the clerk for your parish or town council.     represent the aspirations of the public that
The clerks will have the contact information      they serve. Parish and town councils are
you need to locate your parish or town            the most local part of our democratic system
councillors. If you have access to the internet,  and are closest to the public. Why don’t you
most councils provide an online search            stand for your local parish or town council
facility for your clerk’s contact details.        and see what difference you can make
                                                  to your local community?

                                                  How much time does
                                                  it take up?

                                                  Quite often councillors say that their duties
                                                  occupy them for about three hours a week.
                                                  Obviously there are some councillors who
                                                  spend more time than this – and some less,
                                                  but in the main, being a parish or town
                                                  councillor is an enjoyable way of contributing
                                                  to your community and helping to make it a
                                                  better place to live and work.

Case study: Rural affordable                      Am I qualified?
housing project, Cawthorne
Parish Council                                    Most people are. However there are
                                                  a few rules. You have to be:
Number of councillors: 9
Size of electorate: 1,000                         • a British citizen, or a citizen of the
                                                    Commonwealth or the European
Cawthorne Parish Council wanted to                  Union, and
secure affordable housing for the parish
as property prices had risen rapidly and          • 18 years or older on the day you
priced many local people out of the market.         become nominated for election
It undertook two full housing surveys which
identified a clear need for affordable social     You cannot stand for election if you:
housing for the young, the less well-off and
the elderly. In light of the survey the council   • are the subject of a bankruptcy restriction
extensively lobbied Barnsley Metropolitan           order or interim order
Borough Council on the need for affordable
housing resulting in Cawthorne becoming           • have, within five years before the day of
the location of the first rural affordable          the election, been convicted in the United
housing project in South Yorkshire.                 Kingdom of any offence and have had a
                                                    prison sentence (whether suspended or
                                                    not) for a period of over three months
                                                    without the option of a fine

                                                  • work for the council you want to become
                                                    a councillor for

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